Ceramiche Caesar

Biblioteca delle Oblate - Italy

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Biblioteca delle Oblate
Biblioteca delle Oblate
Biblioteca delle Oblate
Biblioteca delle Oblate
Biblioteca delle Oblate

Made in Italy ceramics by Ceramiche Caesar were chosen to pave the multi-functional hall and entrance of the library in the redevelopment of tremendous historical and cultural importance,completed and inaugurated on June 3, 2015

The Verse collection, one of the latest porcelain tile series of the Fiorano Modenese-based company, was chosen thanks to its ability to bestow a contemporary touch of 'blend design' to residential and commercial spaces.

Chosen in Cloud colour and in 30x120, 25x75 and 37.5x75 cm sizes, the Verse series is characterised by the strong substantial appeal and a natural inspiration, creating a new contemporary concept via the perfect balance between different graphic elements. Colour is the synthesis of varied textures, while the natural finish, finely chiselled, combines elegant aesthetics and soft tactile sensations.

Verse, with its union of materials and contemporary interpretations perfectly expresses the style and atmosphere of the Biblioteca delle Oblate venue, where age-old origins merge with the new multi-media vocation, creating a space of enormous historical and cultural interest.



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